My Favorite Beauty Routine

I am rapidly approaching the age where fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eye circles, puffiness and discoloration start to creep in like a little thief in the night.  I get asked a lot about my day and night routine.  Which products are my favorites and which of the products do I use the most.  I will tell you that since I turned 35, I have struggled with my skin.  Sometimes it is dry.  Sometimes it is oily and I have been dealing with rosacea and adult acne as well for the past 5 years.  During this time I tried many different products and they either made my skin break out or dried it out badly.  I have stuck with my routine for a little over a year now and my skin has never looked better.  This was my whole purpose of starting this skin care line.  I knew how my skin made me feel and I wanted a product that would tackle skin issues like acne and anti-aging all in one package and still be organic and free of toxic chemicals and preservatives.  I want woman and men to feel beautiful in their skin at no cost to their health.  

My go to at the end of everyday is the Nature’s Harmony 3 Step System. I love the Charcoal Facial Cleanser.  It cleans my face really well and leaves it soft and feeling fresh.  I use the astringent right after.  You might be wondering why the Astringent is so important.  An Astringent or Toner goes the extra step in cleaning out your pores, helping to reduce the size of your pores and it also acts as a mild exfoliator.  So, yes, the astringent is important!

Once a week, usually on Friday night after I put my kids to bed and grab a glass of wine, I use the Charcoal cream face mask.  I leave it on for about 10 – 15 minutes.  The face mask is full of activated charcoal, one of nature’s most amazing detoxifiers and Hyaluronic Acid, a very powerful moisturizer. The mask is one of my favorite Friday routines.  It leaves my face feeling unbelievably silky and soft. I use the Rejuvenate Face Butter and the Youthful Under Eye Serum to finish it off.  The under eye serum has become a huge part of my night time routine lately, because of the Alpha Lipoic Acid that it contains.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is an aging girls best friend.  ALA is an enzyme that neutralizes free radicals and helps repair damaged skin cells.  When it is incorporated into a lotion or a serum, it can significantly decrease the appearance of under eye circles.  THIS IS WHY I LOVE IT!  Let’s face it, we are all getting older and there is no shame it seeking out some help.

My Morning routine is pretty simple.  I splash a little water on my face, dry it off and apply a little bit of Astringent.  I finish off my morning with the Nature’s Harmony Facial Cream.  The cream is so versatile.  It can be used day and night and the Calendula and Roman Chamomile soothe and calm my very sensitive skin.  It is a great product for those of you that suffer from the ever horrible, Rosacea!  

If you’re like me, and you are tired of the ups and downs of skin care routines or if you just don’t have a routine and are looking to start one, give the 3 step system a try.  I am confident that you will love it as much as I do! 

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