Pale Blossoms Organics was created in Southern California, by a stay at home mother, Kelley Hadireza.  Kelley has always had a deep passion for all things beauty.  As a teenager, she worked at beauty stores and beauty shops learning everything she could about hair and skin care.  She took that love of skin care products into her adult years, by keeping up a healthy skin care routine.  

After she had her first child, she started researching the best products to use on her daughter.  The more she researched the suggested products from her pediatrician the more she learned about what was actually going into the final product.  This lead her on a year long journey of research and development.  “I was stunned at some of the ingredients that were going into mine and my daughters daily body and skin care products.”  

Taking what she had learned from working with beauty products, she started making her own creams, body washes and face washes for herself, her daughters and her mother.   Shortly after her second daughter was born, with the endless support of her husband, she created her company, Pale Blossoms Organics.  “My Daughter, Brooklynne, colaborated with me on the name of the company.  I not only want to be a business woman, but I want to instill in my daughters, that they too can do anything they put their minds to.  This is a family affair over here.”

Today, Pale Blossoms Organics is a scientifically tested product that many woman trust and use daily.  We follow strict Eco-friendly, Organic and Cruelty Free regulations.  Kelley wants to give woman all the things they want from a skin care line without using any of the harmful chemicals.  We Purchase ingredients from companies that are certified Organic and are operated in the United States. All of our products are created, packaged and labeled right here in the U.S.A.  “I believe there is a huge Chemical Free movement going on right now.  People are starting to pay attention to what is going in and on their bodies and I want to help them.”


“At Pale Blossoms Organics we strive to give you the same experience that we want for our own families at home.  A product that is free of parabens, petroleum, chemicals, toxins and harmful preservatives.  This isn’t just a passion for me.  I am determined to help woman find a healthy alternative to their daily skin care routine at an affordable price.”


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Our products are always for sale at Marbella Market in San Juan Capistrano, CA and at Clouds in Santa Monica, CA

We will update as we add more retail locations.