Dry Bamboo Body Brush – lymphatic draining / circulation/ exfoliation


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Dry bamboo body brushing is a fantastic way to exfoliate your skin.  Gently brushing upwards toward the heart improves the surface of the skin and the circulation.  The mechanical action of dry brushing is wonderful for exfoliating dry winter skin. It also helps detoxify by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymph flow/drainage. Dry brushing unclogs pores in the exfoliation process. It also stimulates your nervous system, which can make you feel invigorated afterward.  Brushing the skin while it is dry allows you to exfoliate and increase blood circulation without robbing it of moisture, as the hot water in the shower can.

While most dry body brushes are made of boar hair, our brushes are made from bamboo and cactus.  Making it a truly eco-friendly choice.



  • helps shed dead skin cells (and encourages new cell renewal), which results in smoother and brighter skin.
  • helps with any pesky ingrown hairs.
  • assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

DIRECTIONS:  Start at a point that is furthest from your heart and brush towards the heart to promote lymphatic drainage, circulation and exfoliation.  It’s always important to moisturize after dry brushing with an organic body lotion. 

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